Vista Medical Centers is a comprehensive clinic with chiropractic, physical therapy and medical services available for an affordable amount.

Our experience has shown that due to the rising costs in healthcare such as deductibles, co-pays and monthly premiums along with the difficulty of pre-authorization or insurance policy limitations, most patients do not receive the care they might receive if these barriers were not a factor. Perhaps, you wonder if you should take the time to get into the doctor for some minor discomfort or if you should just “wait it out” to avoid the cost or the time commitment of a doctor’s visit.

We offer value driven services by providing basic, fundamental healthcare that is cost effective and convenient. Our plans include chiropractic services as well as access to medical providers 24/7 via a secure network through your tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. Physical therapy plans are customized for your specific condition(s) so you can easily perform them according to your own schedule at your home or gym. With a care plan, we also offer specialized in-house equipment, such as the Alter-G treadmills, Spineforce and MedX Core Strengthening Series.

With a Vista Care & Wellness Plan, you pay a low monthly fee to access the services described and more. This is not health insurance and does not replace your current plan, however, this is high quality health care designed to maximize your health and wellness so you can function better in all your daily activities, work, interests and hobbies.

Take advantage of our services to maximize your health and wellness with a care plan that meets your needs.

Contact us today and our care management team can answer questions and schedule you for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

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